“I had been afflicted with gynecomastia since puberty…” Review of Dr MacArthur

Great results! I had been afflicted with gynecomastia since puberty. It had caused me numerous issues physically and emotionally until I decided to rectify it, after every other option had failed. I went to Dr. MacArthur’s office after having explored other options, and I was happy with how quickly they worked to get us in, made an appointment, discussed the treatment, price (most affordable in the region, and for the quality of care, unsurpassed) and booked the surgery within the same week.  Everybody was extremely courteous and professional and they went above and beyond to ensure comfort within the clinic. Dr. MacArthur performed the procedure in a couple of hours and it turned out excellent: virtually no pain, after the swelling went down, i felt for the first time in my life that I finally got my body back. I would definitely recommend Dr. MacArthur’s practice to anybody afflicted with the condition and wanting to improve their quality of life.